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  • Principle and application of condenser microphone

    Thu Dec 23 15:12:07 CST 2021 The core component of condenser microphone is the pole head, which is composed of two metal films; When the sound wave causes its vibration, the different spacing of the metal film causes the different capacitance and generates current. Because the pole head needs a c...
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  • Composition and working principle of electret condenser microphone

    Tue Dec 21 21:38:37 CST 2021 Electret microphone consists of acoustic electric conversion and impedance conversion. The key element of acoustoelectric conversion is electret diaphragm. It is a very thin plastic film, in which a layer of pure gold film is evaporated on one side. Then, after the el...
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  • How to choose a car microphone?

    How to choose a car microphone?

    Verdict In either case, surrounding noise may impede during a long drive. It may be caused by your pet or kids, or by the natural jargon. Whatever the case is, a noise-canceling microphone will be an excellent aid to your ear protection. It will also give you a comfortable environment for convers...
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