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  • What is the difference between electret condenser microphone and dynamic microphone?

    Thu Dec 23 15:00:14 CST 2021 1. Sound principle is different a. Condenser microphone: Based on the principle of capacitive charge and discharge between conductors, using ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film as vibrating film to induce sound pressure, so as to change the static voltage bet...
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  • How to install the car microphone

    How to install the car microphone

    You may be confused about how to install and use the car microphone, the below installation guide can help you. 1. Firstly, let’s see the packing list, there are a 3-meter-long microphone, a clip, and a 3M sticker. 2. And, we have to accessories the parts, there is a hole in the microphone, you ...
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  • How to select a volg microphone for entrants

    In nearly years, with the continuous development of network speed, live broadcasting, video and other industries have become popular rapidly. Whether it is dubbing, video blogger, live up host, singing, live PK, online teaching and so on, it is inseparable from an important tool - microphone. It ...
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