What is the difference between electret condenser microphone and dynamic microphone?

Thu Dec 23 15:00:14 CST 2021

1. Sound principle is different
a. Condenser microphone: Based on the principle of capacitive charge and discharge between conductors, using ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film as vibrating film to induce sound pressure, so as to change the static voltage between conductors, directly convert it into electric energy signal, and obtain practical output impedance and sensitivity design through electronic circuit coupling.
b. Dynamic microphone: it is made of the principle of electromagnetic induction. The coil is used to cut the magnetic induction line in the magnetic field to convert the sound signal into electrical signal.

2. Different sound effects
a. Condenser microphone: condenser microphone can directly convert sound into electric energy signal by not only relying on precise mechanism manufacturing technology, but also combined with complex electronic circuits. It has extremely superior characteristics from heaven, so it has become the best choice for pursuing original sound reproduction.
b. Dynamic microphone: its transient response and high frequency characteristics are not as good as those of capacitive microphone. Generally, dynamic microphones have low noise, no power supply, simple use, stable and reliable performance.

Post time: Aug-28-2023