How to select a volg microphone for entrants

In nearly years, with the continuous development of network speed, live broadcasting, video and other industries have become popular rapidly. Whether it is dubbing, video blogger, live up host, singing, live PK, online teaching and so on, it is inseparable from an important tool - microphone.
It is very important to choose a microphone that is right for you, because it can effectively capture sound in order to keep your recording and performance excellent. If you are looking for a professional microphone that is right for you, be sure to consider the following:

1. Impedance: The lower the impedance is, the more preference a microphone will get while measuring the resistance against the power (AC) signal. An impedance of about 2.2KΩ or below will be appropriate. So, it is vital to check out the impedance rating of the microphone before you finalize it.

2. Sensitivity The sensitivity of a noise-canceling microphone indicates the power to produce sound in a device. The device’s performance increases with the increase in its sensitivity. Microphones with a sensitivity range of 20dB+2dB will be the right choice.

3. Anti-Noise and Anti-Jamming Capability: Anti-noise capacity measures the degree of cancellation of noise the microphone does. Similarly, the electronic jam-preventing capacity is measured with the anti-jamming system. It is significant to note that the higher the rating, the better the noise-canceling mechanism.

4. Price: Different specifications, different functions between the price will be very different, usually prepared a certain budget to purchase suitable for their own users can afford the price is very important.

5. Appearance: Appearance is also very important, the ideal way for beginner is to use the mini protable microphone, so that it is very nice for you to use it everywhere, like you can use it at home, you can use when speaking, vlogging, It captures your voice very natrual and hides it very well.

Post time: Aug-28-2023