In-vehicle 3.5mm Car DVD External Microphone

Short Description:

Universal for PC or In Car DVD Player

3.0m Length Cable for long distance transmission

3.5mm standard plug, plug and play

Microphone can be picked up from the pedestal for the best sound effect

Car microphone with 3.5mm standard plug, plug and play

Microphone can be stuck on walls, glass, cars, doors, etc. with stickers

High sensitivity, low impedance, anti-noise and anti-interference capability, fast and accurate data transmission

Fast and accurate data transmission to ensure clear and stable voice in various driving situations

Microphone with 3 meters long cable, long distance transmission, can be picked up from the clip, high flexibility

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Product Description

High sensitivity, low impedance capacitive microphone with high noise and interference resistance, with fast and accurate data transmission, ensuring clear and stable voice in various driving situations.
The car microphone is suitable for most radios, standard 3.5mm audio jack with clear sound, providing you with better voice quality when you make a Bluetooth hands-free call, never worry about the other party not hearing you clearly.
The sticker on the back of the microphone mount holds the microphone firmly in place and you can stick it to walls, glass, cars, doors, etc.
The 3.5mm car microphone comes with a 3m cable that More flexible to use, plug and play, you can also pick up the microphone from the mount for the best sound effect.
The car microphone is made of high quality material, sturdy, resistant to wear and tear, long life, and the new design allows you to get better sound quality during transmission.


Material: Plastic
Type: 2 pole mono
Frequency response: 50Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 2.2KΩ
Microphone size: Ø9.7X6.7mm
Sensitivity: -32dB ± 3dB (0dB = 1V / uPa)
Line length: 3 meters
Product Included: 1x Car Microphone

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